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Bhí Mé Anseo Publications is primarily aimed at poetry book publication in printed format. The titles of the books on sale and some information about the featured poet or poets will appear on this site. Both poetry in Irish and in English will feature.

Bhí Mé Anseo means simply I Was Here.

October 2006 sees the publication of 'Notions, Emotions and Devotions' by Eugene McGivern.

The poetry in the book was mostly written in 2005 and 2006. There were a number of developments in my life over this period and many of the compositions are based on this time. Various other verses written prior to this are included as they fit into the scheme of the book. Within the book's covers you will find poems, as the title suggests, dealing with themes of notions, emotions and devotions. Most of the poems are short in content but big on impact (I hope!). Behold both sadness and joy sprinkled with a coating of wit to both indulge in and thought provoke one's senses. - Eugene McGivern

The paperback book contains 72 pages and has a coloured illustration on the front and back, created by local artist An Sionnach Maol. Inside there are 6 colour photographs. The book is printed in Athlone and published by Bhí Mé Anseo Publications.


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